When you look on the Indonesian map and go to Sumatra. Than on the east side of it there is a tiny little group of islands. Probably you have to zoom in… and a little more before you can spot them. One of those almost forgotten dots on the map is Pulau Belitung (Belitung island). We found out that it is a delightful sailing area in Asia.

authentic fishing boats
giant granite rock formations
gorgeous white beaches with clean turquoize waters


relaxed island atmosphere

That what people were looking for in Bali years ago and is a bit lost nowadays, can still be found here: authentic, relaxed island atmosphere, hardly any tourists and gorgeous white beaches with clean turquoize waters full of sea turtles. The giant granite rock formations alining the coastline are a real wonder of nature. 

perfect sailing weather
Beautiful Yemaya sailing team has fun with the locals

Little, tiny, still unspoiled islands are surrounding the main island, creating innumerous beautiful possibilities to anchor in the middle of nowhere. Hence a perfect sailing area in Asia!


One of those islands, Pulau Lengkuas, is housing a 130-year-old Dutch lighthouse. Which was very neccesary to safely guide the big ships in old times. Before the Dutch however the Chinese fleet also came to visit Belitung. They didn’t have the help yet of this lighthouse. A lot of their ships shipwrecked along the coasts because of those treacherous big rocks every where. Maybe marvelous to look at, those rocks are a great danger under water. It seems that those ships were full of the finest porcelaine, which can be retraced nowadays in the whole of Indonesia.

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