Program adventurous mindfulness sailing holiday

In the Ionian Sea on the west coast of Greece are some gems of islands that are still free of mass tourism. These oases of silence, sea and beautiful nature are ideal for beautiful sailing trips, walks and mindfulness exercises. In addition, the rich history of Greece offers the opportunity to sniff some of the ancient, mystical Greek culture.

Day schedule

In the morning we usually get up at seven or half past seven. We start with simple and playful mindfulness exercises, where the etappe of the day is discussed. Afterwards there is coffee, tea and a delicious breakfast.

The rest of the morning you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear water. Or do nothing and enjoy the beautiful views. There is also sufficient time for personal conversations for those who need it.

At the end of the morning the wind usually blows and we sail to a new island or a new bay. The wind determines which island or bay we sail to.

Besides sailing there is a lot of opportunity to go ashore, to walk and to visit villages. The rich history of Greece also offers an opportunity to sniff some of the ancient, mystical Greek culture.

There is ample opportunity both on the boat and on shore to retreat and do your “own thing” whenever you need it.

Ship’s council

The wind determines where we will sail and when we will sail. Moreover, we are happy to take your questions and wishes into account. That is why we have Ship’s council daily after breakfast and together we determine the course and activities of the day.

The meals

We always have breakfast on board. Lunch is enjoyed just before departure or while sailing on board. Sometimes we take a packed lunch when we go hiking.

Three evenings a delicious vegetarian dinner is prepared for you in our ship’s kitchen, which also serves a nice glass of local wine. The other evenings we visit local restaurants ashore, so you have the opportunity to have a drink on a terrace, taste the local dishes and admire the picturesque villages.

Adventurous sailing trips

We make beautiful trips. For example, we sail to the Papanikolis cave on the island of Meganisi. We sail to Ithaka, the home of the mythical hero Odysseus. We also visit Kioni, the most beautiful village in Ithaka. We sail to Kalamos: a beautiful, unexplored island where only 600 people live. We sail to Nidri, with its white beach. A wonderful sailing trip with beautiful views brings us to Lefkada city.

After the day’s sailing trip, we anchor in quiet bays with beautiful views and plenty of time for snorkeling, swimming, walking, or visiting a terrace on the shore.