20 August-27 August 2020: Mindfulness sailing holiday

Sailing adventure with the thoroughbred sailing catamaran Yemaya

You go on a sailing adventure for a week with the thoroughbred sailing catamaran Yemaya. You sail between the beautiful Greek islands in the Ionian Sea. You visit a new bay every day. You travel without having to unpack your bags. Because Yemaya is your home all week. You travel sustainably, because the Yemaya power comes almost entirely from wind and sun.

Besides sailing there is a lot of time for walking, swimming and snorkeling. We also regularly go ashore in the evening to visit a local Greek restaurant where you can enjoy delicious local dishes.

“Our week spent on the Yemaya with these two unique people was one of the best of our lives.” Meredith en Avi

Learn to sail on the waves of life

In this journey you not only care for your body, but also for your mind. Your mind is often overloaded by modern life. In this journey you learn with simple mindfulness exercises to anchor yourself in the here and now and to give your mind a rest. Every day is dedicated to a Stage of the day. Just like a boat, you can learn to sail on the waves of life. In a playful way you are brought back to the power and peace within yourself. By strengthening your attention, your senses become sharper, you perceive more. This allows you to enjoy the journey even more.

“We were looking forward to this trip for many months, and it was even more wonderful than we had hoped.” Adam en Michelle

Let the wind take you away

For the rest of the day you let the wind take you from island to island. You enjoy the game of sun, wind, sea and boat. You travel while you don’t have to unpack your suitcase. Your journey is also sustainable. Almost all of our energy is supplied by sun and wind.

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